National Consultation Group meeting in Prague

Dec 12

On December 12, 2023, the first meeting of the National Consultation Group was held at the Amarillis Hotel in Prague.

The consultation group consists of Czech and Slovak experts in regional development, nature-based solutions, blue and green infrastructure in cities, forestry and agriculture, water management, healthcare, and other fields.

The primary objective of the initial meeting was to introduce the COEVOLVERS project, encompassing nature-based solutions from seven designated sites (referred to as "living labs"), and engage participants in discussions regarding the advantages and challenges associated with implementing these solutions. Additionally, the aim was to reach an agreement on the next steps for collaborative efforts spanning the period 2024-2026. During the highly productive discussion – despite the hybrid format – our team documented valuable comments on social and environmental challenges addressed within the COEVOLVERS project. One of the significant aspects of the meeting was the mutual cross-border exchange of experiences.

Our cooperation does not end with the first meeting, and participants of the national consultative group expressed interest in more frequent updates on the project's outputs and further activities.