Project meeting in Cagliari

Apr 22
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

On April 22nd and 23rd, the Coevolvers Project meeting took place at the University of Cagliari, complemented by a role board game and a park visit.

On April 22nd and 23rd, the Coevolvers Project meeting took center stage at the Department of Education, Psychology, Philosophy of the University of Cagliari, followed by an inspiring session on April 24th amidst the stunning backdrop of the Molentargius-Saline Regional Natural Park, representing our Italian Living Lab. It was an intense three-day event packed with knowledge exchange, innovative research, and immersion in nature.

But amidst all the hard work, we made sure to have some fun too!

Hosted by our Italian partners, in collaboration with the Park Authority, CEAS (Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability), and the Park Association, we actively contributed to the advancement of the Project and the definition of the next steps.

On April 24th, the third day of our meeting in Cagliari, 12 participants, including some members of local associations who had been involved in Coevolvers activities (e.g., the National Consultation Group), were engaged in the Role Board Game, a role-playing game designed as an interactive simulation of resource dilemmas, developed by the CETIP and SlovakGlobe teams. The participants assumed different roles, such as eco-activists concerned about the planet's well-being, entrepreneurs focused solely on their companies' profits, and non-humans advocating for their natural habitat. Their ultimate goal was to preserve at least 65% of the natural resources of Molentargius-Saline Park, finding a compromise among the interests of all game participants. The objective was successfully achieved!

As Italy, Slovakia, and Czech Republic teams were deep into managing the Role Board Game, the rest of the Coevolvers team dived into the breathtaking beauty of Molentargius-Saline Park, our Italian Living Lab. Among the most enchanting activities, bird watching was a must-do – March-April is the perfect time to witness the magnificent nesting of pink flamingos, the iconic birds of the Park.