News 03/31/2024

Pupils from Velké Karlovice primary school participated in the Coevolvers project

On March 6, 2024, representatives from the CETIP Network, SlovakGlobe, and sixth-grade pupils from the local primary school met at Velké Karlovice Elementary School.

The session commenced with an introduction by Professor Mgr. Tatiana Kluvánková, PhD., from SlovakGlobe, who led an interactive activity for the pupils. This activity took the form of a decision-making simulation named Ecopoly. During the simulation, pupils engaged in managing a shared forest and deliberated on the implementation of new rules.

The activity simulates individual and collective decision-making in the management of a common resource — in this case, a forest. One innovative aspect of the simulation is its incorporation of various perspectives from different roles of forest users in joint decision-making, including consideration of the needs of nature representatives and the establishment of common rules. All the children endeavored to discover sustainable methods for resource utilization and unanimously agreed that the exercise facilitated a deeper understanding of one another.

The pupils received a collective reward in the form of two larch trees, generously donated to us by the forester Mr. Róbert Gombarík, as a token of our collaborative efforts. The children will plant these trees together in front of the school.

To conclude, Prof. Kluvánková delivered a presentation on the forest's climate.

The meeting concluded with a communal lunch, graciously hosted by the headmistress of the local school, Mgr. Svatava Koňaříková.

We are delighted to announce that during the lunch, we reached an agreement to continue the collaboration of Velké Karlovice Primary School in further activities within the Coevolvers project.