Sensitization of the local population to the risk of fire in Catalonia

Feb 24

On the morning of Saturday, February 24, together with the shepherds of DBramaders and the Natural Park of the Serra de Collserola, we organized a day of sensitization of the local population on the risk of fires in Collserola and the key role that livestock and the grazing of strips develop in its prevention, the activity was done in the facilities of Can Coll.

The day began with a talk by COEVOLVERS researchers and Natural Park technicians. Where we talked about the current situation of the Park and how the livestock and grazing of stripes is developing in this and other municipalities of the Baix Llobregrat/Living Lab (Baix Llobregrat and Collserola is where our living lab is located). Next, we went down to the corral where the shepherds were able to explain their project and what their day is like, then the families were able to enter the corral to meet the flock in charge of preventing fires in Collserola and we were able to accompany them to the pasture.