World Wetland Day at Molentargius Saline Regional Natural Park

Feb 03
Molentargius Saline Regional Natural Park

To raise awareness about the crucial role of wetlands on our planet, the Molentargius Saline Regional Natural Park in Cagliari, Italy, one of the seven Coevolvers Living Labs, organized a collaborative event for World Wetland Day, globally celebrated on the second of February. Wetlands represent some of the most productive environments in the world, characterized by extraordinary biological diversity.

The poster of the event

The day was commemorated with the initiative "Walking along the Salt Roads", an immersive walk along the La Palma/Terramaini canals, historically significant waterways where salt was traditionally produced in the Molentargius salt pans, then transported to warehouses and exported.

Take a look at these photos capturing the essence of the event, where people from all over the Cagliari hinterland participated using various means: bicycles, walking, kayaks, and even dragon boats, reinforcing the concept LL aims to pursue: an "Open Molentargius to the World"!

The Coevolvers Cagliari team chose to participate on foot, joining a walking group that included our beloved furry friends 🐶️

Key Moments: Bicycle Adventures: Pedaling along scenic trails, participants immersed themselves in the beauty of Molentargius on two wheels.

Walking Explorations: Guided walks revealed hidden wonders, showcasing the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit Molentargius.

Kayak Expeditions: Paddling through serene waters, kayak adventurers experienced the wetlands from a unique perspective.

Three Dragon Boats navigated the meandering channels of Molentargius, with synchronized paddling and close-knit teams making the experience unforgettable.

Every Contribution Counted! Participation not only added joy to the event but also contributed to the awareness and preservation of precious wetlands. Every step, ride, and paddle brought everyone closer to appreciating and protecting this precious ecosystem.